Part II (Theft in the Jungle)

**update 2015-01-12  The center Luz Cosmica is now known as La Nueva Luz

The second reason that we left the Center early was a financial situation. No it wasn’t our situation but that of the owner. One difficulty in Peru and I maybe even South America is that it hard to know what is really happening as we’ve been told by several people that everyone here lies and that people would sell their mother or do just about anything for money.
We had first contacted Anaconda Cosmica Center and we received an email reply saying that they were full and they would be sending us to Luz Cosmica instead. We thought it was nice they were helping us out and handle all of the arrangements.
We didn’t want to carry a lot of cash with us because we heard of theft, muggings, kidnappings etc… So when the option came up to do a bank to bank transfer that seemed like a great idea. We wired the money to Omar and was told that it went through.
It wasn’t until a week before we were to leave that we received an email from Anaconda Cosmica asking if we were sill coming. We told them that we had worked with someone from Anaconda Cosmica to schedule at Luz Cosmica because Anaconda Cosmica was full. We also told them that we had already paid Omar Mori Segundo. Chris had verified that Omar worked for Anaconda Cosmica and also saw that he worked for Luz Cosmica. Omar’s name was on both websites as the contact person. We didn’t think too much of this at the time and just thought it was some kind of scheduling conflict. We were a little concerned that we may have paid the wrong person. We arrived in Iquitos late in the day on April 4th and thee next day we were picked up by a mototaxi for our ride out to Luz Cosmica. Omar met us to walk us out to the Center. It was good that he was a real person.
It wasn’t until about 2 weeks into our stay that we heard that the owner of the center James Arevalo had never received our money from Omar. We started asking questions of other people staying there. Most people did not pay in full like we did. Some only paid 20%, some paid just a week at a time, some paid via PayPal and some paid cash.
This is where it gets interesting. The person that paid via PayPal, their money never made it to James despite the receipt showing that it went to the Luz Cosmica gmail account. One person that brought cash made it all the way out to the center where Omar asked for the money which he handed over. Another person, from Switzerland, had also done the bank transfer and his money never made it to James either. It seems that Omar was keeping all of the money for himself. Whether it was cash, bank transfer or PayPal, Omar was keeping all of it. James and the Luz Cosmica center were getting nothing. A few people had paid James directly to extend their stays. So he at least had some cash.
We weren’t sure who or what to belive. In the coming weeks we learned that for the people that had given James some cash to extend their stays, James would come and ask for more money. He said he needed money for food or money for gasoline for the generator or money for this or that.
Even though the money that many of us had paid to Omar never made it to James there was still been enough cash paid directly to James to take care of all food and supplies.
We weren’t sure what to think of it. We never got hit up for additional cash but it was strange to hear that James would show up at 6:00 AM and ask a couple of people for cash then disappear for the rest of the day.
We were supposed to be eating a pretty basic diet of rice, eggs and some vegetables. But when the food started getting a bit low and the generator use had to be shortened to just 2 hours in the evening and then no generator the next evening, we thought it might be time to consider leaving. There was a growing unease about the whole situation and nobody knows what the whole story and what the true story is and we never will. It was even more intriguing when we learned that James’ sister, Hilda, was the manager at Anaconda Cosmica and that her husband was Omar Mori. So was it Omar that was taking all of the money or were Omar and Hilda working together? We will never know what really happened.
I just wanted to end by saying that James is a very good healer and is a very knowledgeable shaman, but perhaps not the best person at managing money.


5 thoughts on “Part II (Theft in the Jungle)”

  1. I can confirm that your experiences are correct, but first I want to thank you for posting this information. After searching for “OMAR SEGUNDO MORI BARBARAN IQUITOS PERU” in Google, this blog post was one of the top results. By making this information available you are doing a service to the public, and will potentially save people from headaches and money lost.

    Back to my confirmation, while searching for ANACONDA COSMICA I discovered Omar’s Facebook page where he is claiming to be a representative of Anaconda Cosmica. I also discovered a Facebook page that appeared to actually be managed by Anaconda Cosmica. From these two pages I obtained two different email addresses, which belongs to Omar, and which I assume is actually managed by Anaconda Cosmica. When I inquired about a retreat through I was never asked for a reservation or a deposit. The center simply told me to arrive whenever I was ready, but when I contacted I was asked to make a reservation and send a 20% deposit through Western Union.

    Let me be clear, OMAR SEGUNDO MORI BARBARAN requested reservations and a deposit, while Anaconda Cosmica did not. I asked to clarify and was told that Omar had not worked for them since 8 months ago.

    It all seems clear now, but at the time I got confused between the two email addresses and sent a deposit to Omar. I believe my confusion between the real email address and the false email address is exactly what allows Omar to make money. If he truly has not worked at the center for 8 months then I can only conclude that his actions are illegal. He claims to be a representative for a center that declares he is not. He then takes money from people and offers no services in return.

    I am very thankful that this process did not continue beyond the deposit I paid. After discovering your blog post I requested a refund from Omar. He said that he would, but has since been ignoring me. My guess is that I will never see that money again, but I will wait and see. I can only wonder what would have happened if I had not discovered the truth, and paid Omar the remainder of the retreat price.


    1. Eric, thank you for sharing your story and sorry to hear about your experience. I’m glad that you found this post and didn’t get ripped off too much. Now your addition to this story may help others from getting ripped off. I just wish there was a way to stop him.


      1. I wonder if there is a way to allow my previous comment to be more visible. It currently is only displayed as “2 comments”, which requires the viewer to click to see my comment. I’d really like to help as many people as possible, and hopefully my comment gets tracked by search engines also.


      2. Eric, I searched for OMAR MORI SEGUNDO and the article Part II (Theft in the jungle) was the top result in google. When you click on the link it goes to the article and shows the comments section expanded. So Google is picking up the information. However people have to know to search for his name or to hit the right search phrases to come across the article. I’m not sure what else to do to make it more visible.


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