Packing List and Shopping Tips

We’re done a lot of research and read a lot of other people’s packing list for extended travel and RTW (Round The World) traveling.  We’ve come up with our own list and hopefully we will have time to write a little bit about each item.We would Ike to include the reasoning why we chose that particular item over other similar products, how we actually use the item and whether it was a good purchase or not.

We’ve put together a list of most of the items that we are taking with us on our trip.  Below I’ve provided links to the items on since they have almost everything it’s a lot easier to share links with you.. Doing it this way you can see photos, read descriptions of the items and even buy them.

We’re not saying that you should buy from Amazon it’s just a convenient place to look around.  Please shop around and look for a better price before buying anything.

We purchased a lot of items from Amazon, followed by eBay. We also bought from various other merchants like REI, Sierra Trading Post, Backcountry, and OMCGear.

We used a couple of different sites to find the best deals.

TheFind.Com is great because you can just type in any item and it will show you a list of a lot of other on-line stores that sell that item. You can sort that list by price to see who sells it for the least amount. Pay attention though because a lot of merchants have a low price for the item but their shipping cost can be outrageous.  Search for an item on, then click on the item and the add it to the cart on that stores website. enter your zip code to see the shipping charges. is another great site to use for finding low prices. This is mainly useful for finding outdoor type gear and clothing but it has one advantage over TheFind. The advantage is that you get Cash Back on top of a really low price.  You really have to compare prices, shipping and the amount of Cash Back you might receive.  You might find an item somewhere else but if you can get 4%, 7% or even 14% cash back it might be worth it. And best of all you can still use any coupons or coupon codes that you might have to increase your savings even more.

We also used Google shopping and any other way we could think of to get the best price on anything.

Also if you are using any on-line stores be sure to do a Google search for coupons, coupons codes, or promo codes for that store to see if you can save additional money.

Sierra Trading Post -Click the link to the left to save $10 off your first order plus we’ll get a small store credit on your first order.  This is a good place to shop for bargains but you have to really watch their sales and deals. I’ve been using them since the 1990’s when I would buy Hane’s Beefy T’s  T-shirts.  I’ve had good luck buying things online and at their 2 outlet stores in Wyoming. They sell a lot of second(s) or second quality clothing which something that is not perfect. It might have a small hole or something might not be stitched perfectly. When you are ordering make sure you know if you are buying seconds or not, the description of the item will tell you if it’s seconds or not.  The other thing to watch out on this site is their sales. They may have a 35% off coupon with  99 cent shipping. or they may have a 45% off coupon with regular shipping  or 45% off with free shipping if you spend at least $75.  If you want to get a great price it’s best too watch the item for a little while if it’s not something that you don’t have to buy right now. If you need it, buy it because they do sell out of things and have limited sizes and colors on most items.  The easiest way to watch prices is to find something that you want and put it in your cart. Then come back every day or two to see if the new sale coupons make it any less.  Also their search and filtering options are great. You can simply put in you want either men’s or women’s clothes and just pick a size and you’ll see every item that is that size they have for sale. You can do more filtering to get more specific if necessary.

Active Junky – I recommend using this site to get cash back from making the same purchases you would have already made.  I recommend it as a tool to use even if you don’t get cash back because it helps find the lowest priced items. The cash back even makes it a better deal.  If you click on the link we’ll get a credit if on your first order of $25 or more.

The Clymb is a Members Only site meaning that you have to sign up in order to view what they are selling.  I signed up and had a few things in my shopping cart that I was considering but never purchased anything from them.  By clicking on the link you don’t get any additional savings but I do get a $25 store credit for your first purchase of at least $25. We just couldn’t figure out a way to make this work for us.  I invited Robbyn thinking that she would buy $25 worth of stuff then I would use my $25 credit to buy something, essentially getting $25 of stuff for free. But it never worked out that there was really anything that we wanted on the site.  Again these guys have limited stock, size and colors.  They do have an interesting website and you can search by size and it will only show you what they have for sale in your size. This reduces our shopping time.

Chris’ Clothes

Craghoppers Nosilife Convertible Trousers – I bought these because my old ExOfficio convertible pants are too big and baggy. These are nice because they have a couple of zippered pockets that provide a bit of extra security against pickpockets and things falling out. As an added bonus they have insect repellent in the fibers making them repel 90% of insects. This sounds like a good idea but I’m not sure how I feel about being exposed to chemicals that are “safe”. It’s safer than spraying lots of chemicals all over my skin. It will all wash out eventually, maybe after 70 washes or so.

ExOfficio Men’s Boxer Brief – These are really comfy. Originally started wearing these when going 500-1000 mile long motorcycle rides. They dry quick and you can wash them out in the sink and they’ll be dry in 2-12 hours depending on the temperature.

Icebreaker Men’s Tech T Lite Merino Wool Short Sleeve Shirt – That’s right. A merino wool t-shirt.  It’s super soft and comfortable and one of the best things about merino wool t-shirts is that they are naturally odor free. Supposedly you can wear them for days and not be stinky. I’ve yet to prove this theory but will report back with results of future testing.

Keen Zing Ultralite Low Cut Sock

SmartWool Microweight 150 Short Sleeve T-Shirt

SmartWool Microweight 150 Long Sleeve Shirt  

Lems Shoes Men’s Primal 2 Comfort Shoe – These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. I’ve had a several pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes and they are pretty comfortable but having stuff between your toes can get old after while.  These have a nice wide toe box and let your toes spread out the way that nature intended. Also the sole or pretty thin, but not as thin as the Five Fingers. Also they are super light weight and don’t take up much space in a backpack. I’m sold on these shoes.  These are also 0 drop shoes meaning that that the front and rear of your foot are the same height, just like walking barefoot.  These are great “barefoot” shoes.

Unshoes – Pah Tempe minimalist sport model – I needed some really lightweight sandals and these seemed like a good idea. I didn’t go with the most minimal shoes they have but got a little bit thicker sole but it’s still 1/3-1/4 as thick as a pair of Chaco or Teva sandals.  Also these shoes are made by one person in the United States so buying them helps out a small business.

Robbyn’s Clothes

The North Face Horizon Tempest Hiking Pants

I/O Merino Midweight Long Sleeve Long Sleeve Shirt

Icebreaker Women’s Tech T Lite Short Sleeve Shirt

Icebreaker Women’s Tech Long Sleeve Shirt

Smartwool Short Sleeve Shirt

Smartwool Micro 150 T-Shirt


Tripshell International All-in-One Travel Plug Adapter With Surge Protection – The package says it works in 150 countries. We will see about that.  This comes in a nice one piece package without any parts to lose.

Outlets To Go Power Strip with USB – I read that these are great to have if you are traveling with a laptop or any electronic equipment. The problem is that the first person to the outlet gets to plug in their cell phone or laptop. Well with this you can share the outlet and power up your devices even if you aren’t the first one there.

Kindle Paperwhite – Hopefully this will be useful for loading up a lot of our guide books so we don’t have to try to read them on the small screen or our phone or our expensive laptop out in public.

Acase Case for Kindle PaperWhite – The cover will protect the Kindle and also make it look more like we are reading a book or notebook.

Samsung Galaxy S III – We bought this in January 2013 before we left Colorado because I needed a new phone and also wanted to get one that would work in most countries. I had originally planned on buying a local SIM card but if WiFi is as readily available as what we hear then we will be able to make free calls over wi-fi witout buying any SIM cards or spending any additional money.

SanDisk Ultra 64 GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1  – This makes my phone into an audio book player, music player, movie player, data storage device. It can hold a lot of photos, music and documents with this card installed.

URBAN ARMOR GEAR Case for Samsung Galaxy S III – This is a nice looking durable case for the phone.

Sony RX100 20.2 MP Digital Camera – This is an AMAZING pocket camera. It’s 20 Megapixels and takes incredible photos. It’s compact and fits in a pocket so I’ll be sure to take it with me most places we go. It’s much lighter and less cumbersome than my Canon dSLR with all of it’s extra lenses.

Sony AGR1 Hand Grip

MagFilter 42mm CPL

Sony16GB SDHC UHS-1 Class 10 Memory Card

Sony High Capacity Battery NPBX1

OP/TECH USA Wrist Strap 

OP/TECH USA Soft Pouch Zippeez

OP/TECH USA Neck Strap

Sony VAIO Pro 11 Touchscreen Ultrabook – At 1.92 pounds this was the lightest ultra book in the world in June 2014 when we bought it. It’s a really nice laptop. We chose this over a net-book or less powerful computer with a lower resolution screen because we want to be able to edit photos. Having the power of an ultra book means that we can do anything that we need to while we’re on the road.

STM Glove Extra Small 11′ Laptop Sleeve, Mushroom


Pacsafe Luggage Cashsafe Belt Wallet – This belt has a zipper on the inside where you can keep copies of important documents and extra cash. I bought this belt after the Eagle Creek All Terain belt was just a little too short for my waist at the moment. I would recommend this belt over the Eagle Creek because it has a longer zippered storege area and the buckle mechanism is much easier to close.

EAGLE CREEK All Terrain Money Belt BLACK

Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Hidden Pocket – Never used these before but these are supposed to be better than the money belts that you wear strapped around your waist or hang around your neck. This has two loops which you put your belt through. Then you wear this pocket on the inside of your pants. It hangs from our belt and sits between your leg and pants. That’s a nice safe are where pickpockets are not able to go.

Lewis N. Clark RFID Hidden Travel Wallet – Never used these before but these are supposed to be better than the money belts that you wear strapped around your waist or hang around your neck. This has two loops which you put your belt through. Then you wear this pocket on the inside of your pants. It hangs from our belt and sits between your leg and pants. That’s a nice safe are where pickpockets are not able to go.

Knollan Saly Dance Premium Combination Lock – Knollan is the company that invented the push dial type locks. Mater Lock licensed the technology from Knollan and sells their own locks in the United States.  I liked the look of the Knollan lock over the master lock because the shackle is more protected on the Knollan.  Supposedly you are not able to use a shim to open these locks and having a little extra material protecting he shackle make it look even harder to use a shim.  These locks will be used in Hostels and other areas where we have lockers.

Master Lock 4688DRED TSA Accepted Cable Luggage Lock, Red – We have zippers that can be locked on our backpacks. These should keep most people out of our bags.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear 3 Dial TSA Lock and Cable – If there is no locker around you might have to use a cable to lock your backpack up to a bed frame or table to keep it from walking out the door.

Nite Ize KRK-03-01 KeyRack Key Holder with S-Biners – It was a lot cheaper to buy this key holder with 6 small s-biners than it was to buy 2 sets of 2 s-biners. Go figure.  we will use these to lock out zippers on our backpacks when we don’t want the locks flopping all around and when we need to get into and out of our bags. This will keep the casual pickpocket out.

Wedge-It – The Ultimate Door Stop – Lime Green – It was recommended to bring a door stop so that you can prevent people from coming into your room while you are sleeping and removing your belongings. We can keep the door from being opened but this door stop also has the ability to prop a door open by placing it on the door hinge or on the top of the door. It’s out of the way so it won’t get kicked  by your feet like a typical door stop.

Black Diamond Positron Screwgate Carabiner Mocha One Size – Another safety item.  A friend told me that whenever we have our backpacks on the ground anywhere it’s a good idea to use a carabiner to connect the packs together. If someone tries to steal one bag they will actually be trying to take two bags. This should create enough commotion for you to notice the attempted theft. This carabiner is nice in that it’s a lot more than just a clip on. There is a screw lock that you turn that locks the latch and prevents it from opening.  Even if someone tried to unlatch the carabiner they would need a second hand to unlock the latch before running away with your pack.

Eating and Drinking

Vargo Outdoors Titanium Eagle Spork – We don’t want to add any more plastic trash to the environment so we will be taking our own all in one eating utensit, the spork.

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottle with Loop Cap – Again we don’t want to leave a bunch of plastic behind by drinking lots of bottled water. We will be able to use tap water and sterilize it with the Steripen UV water purifier.

Klean Kanteen 16-Ounce Stainless Steel Pint Cup – Again my aim is to not use disposable plastic, styrofoam or even paper cups on our travels.

SteriPEN FitsAll Filter

SteriPEN Classic Bundle Pack with Pre-Filter – This will kill 99% of all bacteria, viruses and anything biological that might be in our water waiting to make us sick. Purifying our own water means we won’t have to drink bottled water.  I chose the SteriPen classic because it takes 4 AA lithium batteries instead of the rechargeable Traveler model or the one that used the CR125 watch batteries.  Also the Classic’s UV light is good 8000 treatments. The Traveler is only good for 3000 treatments.

Backpack and Other Bags

Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack – There are so many backpacks out there and everyone likes something different.  This one came highly recommended as it’s the largest backpack that you can carry on a plane. We don’t want to have the hassle of checking bags or worrying about someone stealing anything out of the when they are out of our sight. Also we didn’t want a huge backpack to walk around with all of the time. This is a good size backpack to hold all of the clothes and gear that we will be traveling with. Also the small size will keep us from taking or accumulating or taking too much with us.

Outdoor Research Ultralight Ditty Sacks (Set of 3)

Outdoor Research Ultralight Dry Sack, 5-Liter

eBags Small Packing Cubes – 3pc

eBags Medium Packing Cubes – 3pc

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Day Pack (20-Liter) – Instead of carrying around our main backpack everywhere these super small backpacks fit in your pocket and can hold up to 20 liters. That’s enough for some extra clothes, or food from the market.

Podsacs Ruck Sac Raincover (Black, Small) – We looked at the Sea to Summit rain covers but the Podsacs were almost half the price and just about the same weight.

Everything Else

5″ FLAT BATHTUB SINK DRAIN STOPPER – This came recommended on many travel blogs. Many Hostels and well many sinks for that matter, don’t have drain plugs. So if you want to wash your clothes you have to bring your own.

5MM Sterling Silver Wedding Band Ring – Robbyn was reading about this. But apparently in Asian countries its a good idea to wear a wedding ring so that men know you are married. That will prevent unwanted attention and unwanted conversations and comments

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight & Watertight .5

Dr Bronner’s Baby Mild Soap Bar-Unscented-5 oz Bar

Petzl E49P TacTikka Plus 4-LED Headlamp – I bought this headlamp because it has 3 levels of brightness. And instead of a dedicated red light it has a red plastic cover that covers the white LEDs. You also get 3 levels of red brightness as well. The main drawback I see with this headlamp is that when you turn the light on it starts with the brightest setting. I wish that it would start with the dimmest setting and then get brighter. The second drawback is that it does not get dim enough. It could be a lot dimmer and get even more battery life.

Princeton Tec Fred Headlamp – Robbyn bought this headlamp and I really like it. It has 2 brightness levels of white and 2 brightness levels of red. This one is great because it starts on the lowest brightness of red. That is ideal so that you don’t lose any of your night vision.

Lewis N. Clark Latex Clothesline

Auromere Toothpaste-Mint-Free – 4.16 oz.

Sea to Summit 100% Premium Stretch Silk Liner  – These were recommended since not every hostel has the cleanest sheets. Also this can be used as a blanket when you get cold on a bus, plane or train.

Disclaimer – We are affiliates, meaning that if you click on any of the links above we get a small percentage of each sale.

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